Vivien Bassouamina

Vivien Bassouamina

Vivien Bassouamina was born in Brazzaville, Congo where he was the lead choreographer for five different dance companies, one of which led to an international tour and brought him to San Francisco. He created a dance form called “tradi-modern,” a fusion of traditional Congolese dance with modern and contemporary dance. He currently teaches in Santa Cruz, CA and is a member of the Diaspora Performance Project under the auspices of the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center.

Education & Dance Company Participation
Hip-Hop        Brazzaville, Congo 1988-1990
Directors/instructors: Jon Mora, DJ Pazo, Pranse Monar

Traditional Congolese Dance with Ballet Sama   Brazzaville, Congo 1990

The National Ballet of Congo      Brazzaville, Congo 1990-1995

Ballet Tchere Dance Company: modern dance   Brazzaville, Congo 1997
Director: Master Jurand

Li Sangha Dance Company Co-Choreographer   Brazzaville, Congo 2006

Pisa Za Congo, Children of Congo    Santa Cruz, CA  2013
Founder of the dance company

Kikulu Kianza Annual Dance and Drum Conference   Santa Cruz, CA    2013–2019
4-day overnight camp: African drum and dance instructors

Camp Fareta     King’s Canyon National Park, CA 2018
 Guest teacher                    

Manding Congo Camp       Boulder Creek, CA    2019 
Guest teacher  

Mfoumbila Kongo Dance Conference    Brooklyn, NY   2016 
Master teacher    

Kikulu Kianza Camp       Ashville, NC    2017
4-day overnight camp: African drum and dance instructors

Kula Canda.  Co-Choreographer/performer    Brazzaville, Congo  2018

Freedom.  Choreographer/performer   Santa Cruz, CA  2018

Diaspora Performance Project, Tannery World Dance Cultural Center (TWDCC) 

Nkisi Congo.  Choreographer/collaborator/performer   Nevada City, CA  2017

Tulane University, LA 2017
Dance as Science.  Choreographer/solo performer  

Ethnic Dance Festival of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA   2015

Mbongui Square Festival  San Francisco, CA 2015

Step Back to Jump Forward. Choreographer/solo performance San Francisco, CA 2015

Maboi-idi, The Story is Happening Now. Choreographer  Santa Cruz, CA  2013

Recovering Home. Choreographer/guest performance  San Francisco, CA  2013 

Dance classes. 418 Project     Santa Cruz, CA   2007–2019

Dance classes. Tannery World Dance Cultural Center  Santa Cruz, CA   2007–current

Dance classes. Local dance studios    Maui, HI  2019

Dance classes.  Local dance studios    Eugene, OR  2019

Dance classes. University of New Mexico   Albuquerque, NM 2016          

Mana Mabbu. Two Laurels (2nd place) France Radio Internationale Paris, France 2006

Congolese Music and Dance Project
Traditional and modern Congolese rhythms built for music venues to preserve and share Congolese culture, 2019-current.

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